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We began manufacturing our high quality line of ceiling fans and controls in 1974, as a conservation solution to skyrocketing energy prices. Our Banvil fans can provide savings of up to 30% on cooling and heating energy usage and have gained a reputation for reliable operation, energy efficiency and distinctive style.

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Our Mantra

We value sustainability, durable materials, and innovative design. We search the globe for emerging green technologies that address our customers wants and needs. Our Banvil distributors are happy knowing we provide greener solutions that perform reliably for their customers.

Suni Ball, General Manager of Banvil

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Energy Efficient & Environmentally Friendly

We are proud of our focus on energy efficiency fan solutions and green technologies that address our customers wants and needs.

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We ship across North America to supply commercial and industrial markets. Our customers are wholesalers, retailers and distributors.

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With the industries largest selection of colour, fan diameter, and control options, Banvil fans have become a favoured supplier to designers and contractors. Our blog is full of inspiration and helpful tips for work spaces everywhere. Take a look at our latest articles.

  • Destratification Fans: The Banvil Difference
    It makes sense to harness the heat that rises in your buildings, or the cool air that sinks to the floor. Destratification fans are the solution. They re-circulate the warm or cool air making sure it is evenly distributed from ceiling to floor, or from floor to ceiling.