About Us

Banvil is a Canadian Owned and Operated Company selling high quality commercial and industrial fans since 1974.

History. Banvil began manufacturing its high-quality line of industrial & commercial fans and controls in 1974, as a conservation solution to skyrocketing energy prices.  Our focus was on creating energy efficient, durable products and after over 48 years in business, Banvil fans have earned the reputation as a leader in AC powered fans.

Destratification. In warmer months, Banvil fans provide a “wind chill” effect that can make the temperature feel up to 7F cooler than without a fan. In cooler months, Banvil fans help to reduce heating costs by blending the warm air which rises to the ceiling with the cooler air which naturally settles to the floor level. This destratification of temperature helps to lower heating costs by ensuring the heated air reaches the thermostat control.

Selection. With the industry’s largest selection of color, fan diameter and control options, Banvil has become a favored supplier to designers and contractors.

Versatility and Selection. Banvil stocks a wide range of air movement products of heavy duty industrial/commercial fans and controls.

Fast Turnaround. We carry current product inventory (usually shipped within 24-48 hours)
out of large Woodstock Ontario warehouse.

Nationwide Sales Support. We have a
cross-country dealer agency network calling
on electrical distributors nationwide.

The Banvil Commitment. At Banvil, we have such confidence in the quality and reliability of our ceiling fans that we offer some of the best guarantees in the business. Our ceiling fans come with up to 5 years warranty.

We stand behind our products.